Freedom4Girls are a UK-registered charity fighting against period poverty. We have recently expanded to Leicester and work to support those who menstruate by challenging the stigmas, taboos and gender inequalities associated with menstruation. We are passionate about educating all people on the importance of normalising conversations about menstruation, from challenging stigmas and myths associated with periods, to providing education sessions and workshops that offer a safe space for healthy conversations about periods and women’s health.

We also place a focus on the importance of product provision and showcasing the wide range of different menstrual products available. We do this by providing free single use products to those in need as well as promoting the use of environmentally and financially sustainable options such as period pants and menstrual cups through donations.

If you want to find out more about Freedom4Girls, visit their website here.

If you want to run in support of Freedom4Girls, get in touch with Sasha at

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