The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Foundation exists to celebrate and support people to experience the transformative power of music. We are here to remember Sarah through the power of music: by bringing happiness and spreading joy to people across the city. From funding music classes in community groups and schools to providing grants for people to buy instruments, The Power of Music Foundation enables, encourages and guides socially and economically disadvantaged people in Sheffield to develop musical abilities. We also ensure that everyone can experience the happiness and joy that music – in whatever form it takes – can bring. In Sheffield, over 40,000 children live in poverty. Over 103,000 people have a long-term health condition or disability, and at any time, one in six people are experiencing a mental health condition. As a City of Sanctuary, Sheffield is also home to asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom live with very few resources.

Over time, we hope to expand our work to support a wider range of people across the city, including supporting the development of live music, championing women in the music industry and developing the range of grant funding we have available for people looking to access training and qualifications in music.

To find out more about the foundation, visit the website here.

To run in support of The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Foundation, get in touch via email.

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