In April 2006, Beth’s Step-Dad, Archie, became ill, shortly after marrying her Mum. Beth shares her story and experience of LOROS and why she is running Leicester this year.

“Initially Archie’s diagnosis was diabetes. He changed his diet and began his medication as recommended. Time passed and he wasn’t feeling or getting any better. My Mum encouraged him to return to the doctors and eventually he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With this being such a difficult cancer to diagnose, the prognosis wasn’t good. He died three months later.

Archie was cared for at LOROS for a month before he died. The staff were amazing and supportive towards my entire family. The environment at LOROS is so warm, friendly and relaxed- just what Archie needed. Archie was able to rely on the wonderful nurses for his care whilst my mum could spend as much time as she wanted with him. We even got to visit with our dog! Archie was a keen bird watcher and he absolutely loved sitting and watching the birds in the LOROS gardens.

Last year, I ran the Leicester half-marathon as a challenge. The weather was awful and although I said I would never do this again, when I saw the chance to sign up and raise money for LOROS I had to go for it. The weather surely can’t be that bad again can it?! The crowd were great last year, cheering everyone on, even in the rain! I found everyone so friendly and chatted to a few other runners on the way round.

Raising money for LOROS isn’t new to me and my family, and I really appreciate the support that my friends and family give to us when raising money. LOROS relies on donations, and you never know when someone you love may need their support”.

If Beth’s story has inspired you to Run Leicester, why not sign up here?

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