Earlier this year, in March 2022, Lois’ Nan, Yvonne, died following suffering with multiple types of Cancer. Lois found fitness such as the gym and running as a new hobby after losing her Nan, giving her a focus to work hard and achieve great things. It’s what her Nan would have wanted. Lois is now training to Run the Leicester Half Marathon later this month.

Yvonne was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in February 2022 which later spread to the lungs, shoulders and multiple areas of the brain. The cancer spread through her body as it had also got into her adrenal gland so it was being pumped around her body. Yvonne tragically died only a month later. This didn’t give her family much time to cherish her final days.

“LOROS gave advice for my family before my Nan passed away and offered to take care of my Nan in her final days. Her wishes were to stay at home and be cared for by her family members who loved her dearly. LOROS, however, means a lot to my family due to the support they provided us and a close friend spending his final days in the Hospice.

My family are no strangers to fundraising for LOROS. My Dad completed the Fireball Rally and London to Paris bike ride, raising money for LOROS. We are so grateful for the care provided to our family, the support they provided was incredible. We should give back the support that LOROS have given us as you never know when you might need their support.

Whilst my Nan was poorly, I was training for the LOROS Tower Run with my Auntie which took place in March 2022. My Nan tragically died the day before the Tower Run was due to take place. We really contemplated whether to go ahead with this but we decided to go for it anyway. We wanted to make Nan proud. It was an extremely emotional day but we did it and I completed the Tower Run in 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

I’m so excited to take part in Run Leicester. I have done so much training for this and it’s a new experience for me. I am feeling slightly nervous and emotional as it will be another goal and challenge I will have completed but I know that my Nan will be looking down on me and be really proud”.

If you’d like to join Lois in the Run Leicester Half Marathon this year you can sign up here: resultsbase.net/cpgcrj8.

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