Menphys is a local charity that provides a range of specialist services to support children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities and their families. It has been supporting families across Leicester and Leicestershire for 50 years, striving to give young people equal choices, equal opportunities to allow them to live ordinary lives. Our mission is to deliver a quality service that values the views and enables the voice of disabled children, young people and their families in Leicestershire and Leicester. We aim to provide a range of holistic, impartial and empowering specialist services through our own resources and in partnership with the statutory authorities and other voluntary sector groups.

Within the framework of everything we do, we aim to identify unmet need and offer effective support, which is in step with current legislation and concepts of good practice. We value diversity and believe that every child or young person, whatever their needs, has the equal right to take part fully in their community and to have the same choices, opportunities and experiences as other children.

To find out more about Menphys, visit the website here.

To run in support of Menphys, get in touch via email.

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