In October 2013, Sam’s Uncle Terry was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Terry had a huge influence on Sam’s life, acting as a father figure.

“Before he became ill in April 2013, my Uncle Terry was always wanting to spend time with my youngest son, Josh, and myself. He would call himself Grandad to anyone who asked. Uncle Terry was always the permanent care giver for my family and I.”

“After his diagnoses, Uncle Terry was mainly in hospital after having a colostomy bag fitted and having as much as the tumour removed as was possible. The tumour was extremely aggressive and we were told that no other treatment would be possible. On October 16th we were told that he only had 6 months to live. It was such a horrendous time, I was constantly visiting him in hospital. No one should have to live their remaining days the way in which my Uncle Terry had to.”

Fast forward to December 2013, and Sam’s Uncle Terry was moved to LOROS.

“I went to visit him the next day and heartbreakingly this was the last time I saw him. The lovely nurses at LOROS has cleaned him and laid a flower next to him on our arrival. I spent a few hours with him to say goodbye. It was hard but was made so much easier and special by the staff at LOROS. I will never forget the difference that LOROS made and how Uncle Terry was treated. I try and fundraise as much as I can through the lottery and running the Leicester Half Marathon this year. I’m so nervous about the Leicester Half Marathon as I have only done one before and I tend to get injured easily! I will continue to do what I can to raise money for LOROS as they made Uncle Terry’s end of life the best they possibly could”.

If Sam’s story has inspired you to Run Leicester, why not sign up here?

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