The Laura Centre is a well-established charity, situated in Leicester and recognised nationally for its cutting edge approach and clinical excellence in the field of family bereavement. The Laura Centre is the sole project of the charity COPE, which was founded by Gail and Harry Moore, and named after their daughter Laura who died of Leukaemia in 1989. Since we opened our doors in 1991, we have supported thousands of bereaved parents, children, young people and their families. The charity embraces the vision that all bereaved families should be able to access high quality, open ended, bereavement counselling and therapeutic support to enable them to manage the impact of death on their lives.

Our approach is to offer a holistic package of care responding to the individual needs of those who are referred to us. The charity deals with anticipatory grief, end of life care and a whole spectrum of cause of death; 75% of the people we see will have experienced death of a sudden, complex, traumatic and unexpected nature including fatal accidents, suicide and murder. Our one to one bereavement counselling and therapeutic support to families is provided in a non-clinical setting and delivered by experienced, professionally trained and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. In addition, we offer: places to remember (Quiet Room, memorial service), complementary therapies, mindfulness, well-being programmes and a walking group.

If you want to run in support of The Laura Centre, please email For more information about the work in which we are involved, visit

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