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RUN the World


The concept for Run The World is simple: sign up and link your fitness tracking device (Garmin or Strava), then run as many miles as you can in the month of September.

You, along with thousands of other runners in Leicester and beyond, will be able to track both your personal and collective progress on a live, interactive map, as you make your way ‘around the world,’ taking part in challenges and themed runs along the way as you go from place to place.

Whether you cover 100 miles or one doesn’t matter, what counts is doing your bit to help us make it round the globe!

Given the immense distance that we will aim to cover, visiting all of the world’s most famous cities and iconic landmarks, the route will be broken down into different stages around Europe, Africa, Asia and America!

Throughout the event you’ll be able to unlock rewards based on your own individual contribution to the mileage total, and we’ll be offering plenty of themed runs depending on how far we’ve run and where in the world we find ourselves each day. Not forgetting of course that all important medal you will have earned by the very end!  

The Leicester community has been hit hard by the latest local lockdown and we hope that Run The World is a goal that we can all rally behind to help bring the community back together and encourage people to keep getting out there and enjoying running.  

All Six stages of Run The World are now live and you can check out each of the route maps and where we’re headed by clicking the links below.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

Asia & Australia

Stage 4


Stage 5

North & south america

Stage 6

The long road home

How does it work? 

When you register for the event you will be asked to link either a Strava or Garmin account to your entry. Once we start on Stage 1 on Tuesday 1st September any running distance that you record will then automatically be pulled into both your individual and the Run The World team distance total.  

If you don’t have an account with one of these we’d highly recommend setting one up to keep things really simple for you, however alternatively you will also be able to submit your run distances manually as well using the ‘Enter my result’ tab at the top of this page. 

Tracking progress 

At any given point you will be able to see your individual distance progress live against the Stage 1 map which will take us around Europe, as well as the entire Run The World’s team progress live on each of the different stage maps as we progress around the world. 


Throughout the event you will unlock individual rewards when you hit total milestone distances such as 50km / 100km / 150km etc. These achievements will light up on your ‘My Overview’ page and will award you discounts and other rewards based on how far you’ve run. 

Similarly as the Run The World team progresses around each stage map, famous cities and iconic landmarks will light up as an achievement on that particular stage map, unlocking new themed runs as we go.

In early October, after the event has come to a close we will post out a souvenir ‘Run The World’ medal to the home address of all runners that have contributed to running around the world between 1st – 30th September 2020.

Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to enter and take part. Whether you can run one mile a week or one hundred, Run The World is for everyone. No-one can achieve this by themselves, so every single mile and km run counts and gets us further on our journey to Run The World!  

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