Leicester Half Marathon Race Route 2021

The race arena and both the start and finish are all situated in Victoria Park, just outside the city centre.

After an initial downhill run for the first mile, we run straight through the city centre and head out on miles 2-6 which are all relatively flat and follow Leicester’s Golden Mile all the way to the top end of Watermead Park. From there we had back through the park, still relatively flat until you get to a short uphill and downhill around mile 8. From there you re-enter the city and follow nice paths roughly along the course of the canal down through Abbey Park before heading back into the city centre. Miles 9-12 are relatively flat as well and we run through the Highcross and straight down High Street before eventually turning up the idyllic New Walk which is your final hill to push through all the way to the finish back at Victoria Park.

There are four water stations in total with one approximately every three miles.

To view the race route map and elevation graph please click here.

Total Ascent for The Half Marathon: 293ft / 89m





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