By supporting the Blue Light Card Foundation, you can give back to those who often put their lives and wellbeing on the line for us.

Borne out of Blue Light Card, the Foundation deliver granting programmes to charities and organisations that support the wellbeing of those within the Blue Light community, by providing quality resources, initiatives and safe spaces for connection, healing and exploration. We’re working towards a future where every member of the Blue Light community, both past and present, feels empowered, supported and heard.

The nation is at risk of 6 in 10 Blue Light community workers leaving their role due to wellbeing concerns, with 90% reporting a negative impact on wellbeing due to their work. We have all been affected by the pandemic and its consequences, but in the Blue Light community, regardless of role, these struggles are magnified by increased risk of poor mental health and wellbeing due to frequent exposure to distressing situations, long and unpredictable hours, and significant threats to safety every time they turn up for a shift.

If you’re looking for a way to thank them for all they do, we’re here to help. To run in support of the Blue Light Card Foundation, email If you want to find out more about the Blue Light Card foundation, visit their website at

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