New Dawn New Day has supported women affected by violence and abuse for over 35 years. The women referred into our service have often experienced multiple disadvantages in their lives. The impact of domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, poverty, homelessness and mental health needs becomes far too much to bear, with many women turning to drugs and alcohol to cope. As a result of these experiences, the women we support come into contact with the Criminal Justice System.

The women we support are given prison sentences or community orders, when what they desperately need is support and understanding to make long term positive changes in their lives. Many have no family or friends to support them, but they do have us.

New Dawn New Day provides women with the tools needed to make positive lasting changes, by providing both emotional and practical support which reduces social isolation and reduces the likelihood of further criminal offending. We offer an alternative to imprisonment, keeping families together and retaining homes and jobs. We provide a safe space for the most vulnerable women in society to find a sense of belonging, trust and friendship.

If you’d like to run and raise money with New Dawn New Day please contact to sign up.

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