There are 1000+ asylum seekers in Leicester, living in relative poverty (many in destitution), and suffering from poor health, extreme isolation, and loneliness.  The highest number of destitute asylum seekers are in Leicester, Cardiff, and London. A Home Office study finds refugees have poorer general & emotional health than the general population; that almost 1/5 report having no friends or family in the UK; and more than half did not have any qualifications. This is a community in desperate need of emotional and practical support. Leicester City of Sanctuary and its services address this need.

Our mission is to welcome asylum seekers and refugees in and around Leicester, and support them to rebuild their lives, develop their skills and feel part of the community. We offer a range of vital services and wider enrichment opportunities to asylum seekers and refugees: a central Hub with welcome, support services and a hot meal; ESOL classes; a football session; sewing & IT classes.

If you’d like to know more about Leicester City of Sanctuary check out their website here, or if you’d like to run and raise funds please contact

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