The Bodie Hodges Foundation is a local Leicestershire based charity that supports families who have been bereaved of a child. The charity was established in 2013 by Nick and Donna Hodges after the death of their ten-month-old son Bodie. They wanted to offer support to other bereaved families as their experience highlighted how isolating losing a child was. The charity has now become well-regarded regionally for its sensitive, effective professional bereavement services and support groups to adults and children in their darkest hour of grief.

Our vision is to give hope to families bereaved of a child by providing a range of specialist services that encourage them to rebuild and remember. All our services are free of charge to ensure that no bereaved families are left to grieve alone.

If you would like to run in support of The Bodie Hodges Foundation please get in touch via

Alternatively you can find out more about the great work that they online at


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